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Highlight your vehicle and premium services.

What can you do with QudosCustom?

Need a vehicle with a plexiglass partition for social distancing? Make a QudosCustom request to receive a specific ride to meet your needs.

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Utilize secondary language speakers to converse the way you prefer or find a pet-friendly ride to bring your pup to its next appointment!

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These preferences can be saved to your profile in order to be used again on the next ride!

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We are open to hearing feedback! What customizations would you like in your next ride?

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Access QudosCustom

From the home screen, tap the text that says "Click to set your ride preference"  to start using QudosCustom.

Have a look at the available choices and select what services you need or want for your ride.

You can also tap the "Click here to suggest more options" if you want more services to be available for your future custom rides.

When you are done, tap the "Save Ride Preference" button.

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