QudosFaveSM Drivers

The only platform that connects drivers with riders who prefer a personalized ride-hailing experience.


Go to your QudosFave™

Tap the QudosFave icon at the bottom right of your screen. After that, you should see the QudosFaves pop-up menu appear on your screen.

section-five__main-image--highlight section-five__main-image

Next, find drivers

Search for drivers by:

  • • Name
  • • Language
  • • Zip code

You can also filter the results by tapping the filter button.

Lastly, add driver to your QudosFave™

Tap the More Options button beside the driver's name. Tap Add and then tap Yes to add that driver to your QudosFave list.

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Success, you can now book your ride with your favorite driver!  When you know your driver, every ride is a better experience.