We AreQudos.

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How it all started.

Founded in 2016, Qudos is a ride-hailing company based in New York. Qudos values what riders and drivers want as it provides the industry’s first personalized ride-hailing experience, addressing issues that plague the ride-hailing industry today, including safety, reliability, consistency, job satisfaction and mutual respect.


Qudos aims to make ride-hailing personal by facilitating a connection between riders and drivers while providing a platform that caters to their needs.


Create a community of loyal riders and drivers that delivers a VIP ride hailing experience.

Our Management Team

Neil Anthony Rollon
Board Member

David Boucher
Board Member

Debbie Hopkins
Board Member

Roland Isaac
Board Member

Matthew Kaplan
Board Member

Jerry Raio
Board Member

Greg Rooney
Board Member

Alexander Sklavos
Board Member, GC

Thomas Sweeney
Board Member

Neil Anthony Rollon

Doug Schiff
Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Sklavos
Chief Operating Officer

Ian Belinsky
Chief Financial Officer

Sheila Estwick
Chief Strategy Officer

Alex Sabella
Chief Technology Officer

Christian Palmer
Chief Learning Officer